Information and the power of the Rowan tree

We call this age Informational Era because Information is the ultimate power as fictional Conrad Greyson mentioned in the tv-series Revenge. Such tv-shows may appear shallow soap operas to some, but to me (and I trust to many others) are a revelation of how the universe works. 

In the tv show Gossip Girl it appeared that an extra info about someone or something could take down empires, family bonds or even relationships that were considered unbreakable.

Just like at Chemistry if someone had the acquaintance of how a bond can break and create a new matter, that someone could lit a cigarette and burn somebody's life so as to alter the ashes into a new something.

 So great is the he/she who has the leverage of the utmost information,  not riches, not designer's clothes, not legacy....The art of withholding, exchanging and dropping Information in such a mastery that you can form new strategies,alliances and pawns, is the absolute Power. 

That's what is the ongoing thing on Revenge and has captivated millions of fans. In a 40 minutes episode there are so many informations exchanged as to meteors in a meteor shower night.

 The game alters in favor of someone in every scene and that's what's keeping the audience heartbeating.
Because this is what is constantly happens on our minds as humans.

Thoughts are crossing so rapidly , as stars are falling and comets are born. Our mind process too many things in nanoseconds which is so stressful because there is no remote control. Thoughts that can be true or false assumptions, can create different choices in every single aspect of your life.

Even the choice which appears slightly simple as to chose another pathway to avoid traffic.
''What if that day I knew'' is the start to lots of the sentences we spit in our moments of contemplation and the question of life is not ''to be or not to be'' anymore, but ''
to know or not know''? 

It's magnificent actually. The way you can manipulate things if you can separate your emotions from your thoughts. They say that whoever raises his voice with a lot of emotion, even if it is a mother yelling to her child or a lover trying to win an argument, that moment he/she loses.

Because Voice is the instrument of Logos. Plato wrote ΕΝ ΑΡΧΗ ΗΝ Ο ΛΟΓΟΣ which means Logos(Word) is the beginning of everything. Logos is a power that we must exert with carefulness because Words can change realities. With a little gossip you can destroy someone's life although you never meant to.
A bitter word can harm someone you love and change them forever. That's what such tv shows reveal. Words are spells and if you manipulate them successfully, you can play God. It's fascinating  but dangerous  because although we can create realities with our words, we lack the wisdom of knowing what to create and when.

  Back in ancient times, wizards and mages who understood that kind of power the humans hold, encrypted it.

''Rowan is a tree of power, causing life and magick to flower'' is an old saying from the Celts. Rowan's name means "a secret" or "to whisper"  and Traditions speak of it as an especially powerful protector against witchcraft ,but what is witchcraft today in our modern world?

Spells and spelling have the same root although we falsely believe that spells are mumbling words as ava kentavra. No absolutely not. The ''did you know that he/she...?, this kind  of ''innocent'' gossip can be witchcraft.

It's  not the money that makes the world go round, but Information. In the warfare, informatives were the ones who gave a side the advantage to win a battle and not the technology of guns.
So goes as well for the matters of the heart:

''Are you mine?'' is a popular song of Arctic Monkeys and a wonder to a lots of people. The knowing of owning someone can alter your whole behavior towards him and the choices you make.
 The fear of not knowing can make you do crazy things.

  So the winner is the one who can coordinate all the Informations he retrieves everyday, keeping them to little boxes like Emily Thorne in her Infinity Box, using them when the time is right and still after all this process has a clear mind.

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